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  • Mr Harshad Rathod is a practising lawyer mainly in the Civil and Corporate laws in India. He also provides legal advice to various foreign companies in India & overseas transactions.  

  • He is legal advisor to various companies in India from diverse fields of Industries like Automobile, Biotech, Retail, Fintech, Automation, Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Finance and Insurance.

  • He also represents as special legal counsel for Major Banks in India, Local Government organizations at different High Courts and Tribunals in India. 

  • He is a member of : 

       > The Ethics committee with biotech companies in India.

       > Young Singapore International Arbitration Centre (YSIAC)  

       > Junior Chamber International (JCI) and held various position in the organization such as LOM            President, Director (International Affairs, Growth & Development), Development Officer JCI                Asia Pacific Development Council.   

  • He did his Bachelors in Social Legal Sciences & LLB from University of Pune (India).

  • He was admitted to the Bar at India in the Year 2012.

  • Mr Nandkishor Rathod is a seasoned practising lawyer mainly in the Criminal laws in India.

  • He worked as Public Prosecutor and during his tenure he has conducted various important criminal trials of the complex nature for the State Government of Maharashtra (India).

  • He was appointed on various positions such as:

       > Legal advisor & Prosecutor to Crime Investigation Department (CID)

       Chief Public Prosecutor Of Mumbai. 

       Deputy Director of Prosecution.

  • He was also appointed as a committee member to improve the conviction rate in Prosecution by the Government of Maharashtra (India). He Retired from Prosecution services in 2013. 

  • He resumed his private practice and also represents as a criminal defence lawyer for various clients which include high net worth individuals and various corporate companies in India.

  • He is also appointed as a Special Public Prosecutor by the Government of India for special criminal cases & legal counsel by the State Irrigation Department for the State of Maharashtra.

  • He did his Bachelors in Arts & LLB from University of Pune (India)  and is admitted to the Bar at India since the year 1980.

Nandkishor Rathod

Advocate & Senior Associate



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