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Maki Shimoji 

Associate Legal Consultant (Japan Desk) 

At Tokyo, JAPAN 

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Maki Shimoji is a practicing civil & corporate lawyer in Japan. she handles a wide range of corporate matters. She has vast experience in cross-border M&A, business alliances and disputes, transaction agreements, corporate law, compliance, restructuring, labour law, intellectual properties, real estate, cross-border investment, withdrawal of local subsidiaries and all kinds' Dispute resolution, etc

She has acted as a legal advisor and legal counsel to companies in the IT, consulting, trading, retail, construction and real estate sectors. She also represents as legal counsel for domestic and foreign client companies in courts and tribunals of Japan. She also serves as an auditor of the Asian Small and Medium Business Support Organization (ICOSA).


She is a member of the Corporate Law Study Group and International Exchange Committee of the First Tokyo Bar Association (ICHIBEN).

She is Representative Lawyer at OEDO LAW OFFICE (Japan).


She has practised in the past at 3 Chinese law firms on Japan Desk engaged in legal consulting services exclusively for Japanese companies.

She also worked on Real Estate Law for a Real Estate Company in Japan. 

She worked with a Japanese law firm in Japan, heading the Chinese Law Group engaged in various domestic and international projects.

She founded OEDO LAW OFFICE in Tokyo in 2016.



  • She has done her B.A, LL.B  from Kobe University Japan.

  • She was admitted to the Japanese Bar in the year 2006.

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