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Pupillage Programme 


What Is Pupillage?

Pupillage is the final step toward starting your career as a Practising Advocate. You can begin after you pass your final year in law school and plan to take up (AIBE) bar exams or have passed your (AIBE) bar exams. 

Pupillage is usually completed under the supervision of experienced Advocates practising at the bar or at a law firm.  

Normally, pupillage typically lasts for a minimum of one-two year, split into the preparation of briefs, understanding the filing processes of different courts and tribunals and appearing before the courts. And there’s an element of time pressure for aspiring pupil advocates because you must learn to apply the law while you deal with real-time legal issues, draft case briefs and appear as an advocate before the courts. 

What Will I Learn?

Your pupillage will help you consolidate everything you learned during your law school and pick up other skills along the way. During your pupillage period, you will shadow your Senior Advocate at the bar and assist with court brief document preparation, conduct legal research and appear as a substitute before the courts.  You’ll have to conduct your pupillage as per the professional code of ethics and you’ll be assessed at the end of each assignment given. If your performance is satisfactory in the assignment given you’ll receive the go-ahead to continue further. 

During the practice as an advocate at the bar, you’ll have more autonomy, being able to take on your own cases independently after you complete your pupillage for one-two years. 

How Do I Apply for Pupillage?

Competition for pupillage is exceptionally high – we typically offer only One to Three places in a year. 

You can apply directly by sending your CV and covering letter to info[at]hnrlegalconsulting[dot]com 

If your CV is relevant to us, we will invite you for an interview. ​No other mode of application are accepted all other applications may be summarily rejected * 

When Should I Apply?

For commencing pupillage, where you are in your academic career will determine when you can apply.

Type of Student When to Apply. 

  • Law students after the last semester of the final year of your LLB. 

  • Students who have passed their LLB and have passed their (AIBE) bar exams.

  • Up to 1 year in practice at the bar.  

What Will I Earn During my Pupillage?

A discretional nominal stipend is provided depending upon the capabilities of the candidate, the type of brief assignment given and completing the same satisfactorily as required. No candidate is paid a stipend for an incomplete assignment. Commencing pupilage is NOT a job on the payroll of a law firm or employment.


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