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Nandkishor Rathod 

Senior Advocate




Nandkishor Rathod is a seasoned practicing lawyer mainly in Criminal laws in India.

He represents as a criminal defence lawyer for various clients which include high net worth individuals and various corporate companies in India.

He is also appointed as a Special Public Prosecutor by the Government of India for special criminal cases & legal counsel by the State Irrigation Department for the State of Maharashtra. 

Past Appointments: 

He worked as Public Prosecutor and during his tenure he has conducted various important criminal trials of the complex nature for the State Government of Maharashtra (India). 

He was appointed on various key positions such as:

  • Legal advisor & Prosecutor to Crime Investigation Department (CID)

  • Chief Public Prosecutor Of Mumbai City. 

  • Deputy Director of Prosecution (Maharashtra). 

  • He was also appointed as a committee member to improve the conviction rate in Prosecution by the Government of Maharashtra (India). He Retired from Prosecution services in 2013. 


Qualification: ​

  • He did his Bachelors in Arts & LLB from the University of Pune (India) 

  • He was admitted to the Bar in India in the year 1980.

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